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I got asked about my personal CRM post on LinkedIn:

I stumbled across your blog today, specifically a post about choosing a personal CRM from 2016. As a fellow tool junkie it was really exciting to see the different options available at the time broken down that way. It also made me curious about your current workflow. Has anything changed?

I'm always changing up tools that I use or trying to get better with the ones I keep using. A lot of it is based on a deeper understanding of how I work best, and the rest of it is the changing context of the work I'm doing and the people I'm doing it with. I've moved from Highrise to Capsule CRM as the tool I use for just me. I'll probably cancel it today.

I've been reflecting a lot on how I want decades long tools, and the ability to improve them, so I have an instance of Monica CRM running. It's open source and is actually a personal CRM – not focused on deals or sales pipeline, but on staying up to date with people. It might be a nice home for my long term contact database and be all I need personally. No bcc'ing Monica, so you'd have to be mindful about doing a sort of journaling in noting interactions with people.

fruux is still my contact database backup – open source vCard support & syncing with my phone FTW!

I guess I'll add Missive as a new tool that I'm just adopting. It turns email into a team sport1 – you can share inboxes, triage together, and assign things. I like it so far!

  1. I wrote a presentation about email at companies that I should revisit and add Missive to. 

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