Don't follow, a brief wrap up

So, after all my talk of following me, I managed to lose my power adapter on the first day of the conference. Doh! I got an AT&T SIM, but without computer access couldn't configure any of the services for the new phone number. Doh!

Perhaps it was for the best: I had many great one on one conversations with people, and in general did lots and lots of talking and meeting people. Here are some one liners about great experiences, in no particular order:

  • Dancing to Jay from Acquia's tunes at Felt
  • DevSeed peeps and the many bits of code, business processes, and ideas we have in common
  • Long lunch with the Ubercarters
  • Rising excitement about RDF
  • Placeblogger scheming with Lisa
  • Taking newer parts of the RCS team and throwing them into the Drupal community
  • People enjoying the pins and t-shirts we brought
  • Hanging out in the Courtyard Marriot lobby hacking and talking and laughing
  • Rock Band!
  • Sitting down with Ori and hasing out schemes on distributed social, XMPP, and so much more, then being told -- "You and I have too much in common and are thinking about too many of the same things. You simply must come to Paris!" -- OK, that sounds like fun :P
  • Buying warmer clothes because of Djun's weather widget mishap with Boston, GA
  • Seeing Adrian connect with a bunch of folks around hostmaster
  • Having a really great working session with the Drupal Association that was long...but still too short
  • Talking hosting evolution with Lior, Mosso, and Black Mesh folks
  • Getting time to sit and talk with Kieran and Dries
  • Scheming around a Newspaper and Magazine Summit (social publishing!) with Ken Rickard and others

It's amazing to see the Drupal community grow (and continue to grow!) but at the same time keep some of its core properties of openness, collaboration, and friendliness. There are lots of fantastic people and it is always great to reconnect with them.

Now I'm back in Vancouver with a week of email to catch up on and lots of post conference follow ups.

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