Remember the DG-100? It works on the Mac now

Remember the DG-100-GPS? That cheap data logger that I've been really bad at finding the time to use consistently? Jaako left a comment letting me know that he got the DG-100 working on the Mac:

Hey Boris! Wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I managed to get a pretty decent solution to the DG-100 / Mac issue. The key lies in Mirko Parthey's dg100.c script he wrote as a basis for implementation into GPSBabel. I made some tweaks to his original code and added a GPX output mode and have a pretty reliable command line interface for the DG-100. Check it out ( + the relaunch of my blog ) at and let me know if you have any luck!

I know that Richard already followed his instructions and got it working as well. Richard has been doing a great job of geo tagging his photos. Check out his map on Flickr. Oh, and Flickr's Places feature is AMazing. And the only way to get your pictures in Places is to either geotag them up front, or use the map feature to place them. "Manually" placing can be done in bulk and the interface is quite friendly, so even if you don't have a GPS device you can easily geotag on Flickr.

Now I have to listen to my own "call to arms" and do more geotagging myself. I should go poke the LoadMyTracks guys would be great if they could adapt this DG100 script so it "just works" rather than all the compiling and C-editing... 

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