DemoCampVancouver03 - first iteration of Battle Decks, fun as always

Well, I'm just getting home from a great night out. We polished off <a href=">DemoCampVancouver03</a> to -- I think! -- great success.

Our second one was moved to the Irish Heather across the street, and while it was still fun and had good presentations, it's just not the same vibe as doing it at WorkSpace. Thanks again to Bill, Dane, and the crew for letting us host there.

We shook up the mix a little tonight by adding battle decks: "secret" slide decks that two volunteers have to "pitch" to the crowd, and go head to head to see who can put together the best spiel to the audience. Thanks to Megan, Kris, and Roland for pulling this off, as well as John from HandiMobility and Michael Fergusson from Kinzin / Are You Normal? for being our first contestants.

The pitches and presenters were really hard to choose from: we keep getting more people out and more great ideas. I'm not going to go into massive detail other than to point to DemoCamp Vancouver's official live blogger, Miss 604, as well as my friend Graham, who had good comments / feedback for the presenters.

Yes, I'm missing a ton of links in this post. It's getting late, so I wanted to get this up for starters. Thanks to all for attending and participating -- it was amazing to hear about all the other upcoming events. There really is a lot happening in Vancouver, and events like this just help to highlight that.

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