New Google Map stuff link roundup

Continuing with the geo theme, I've got a post brewing on what Google is doing and what this means for the growth of geo in general. I tried to get momentum for geo-related stuff for this past February's Northern Voice...but I think I was off by at least a year. Herewith some interesting links and examples of what you can now do with Google and maps.

For example, you can add your own business listing to local (and others can even review it, here's the entry for Bryght in Vancouver), and the Google My Maps now makes it really easy to create your own custom maps (e.g. here is my start of Drupal events around the world). My Maps even lets you add "mapplets" -- different layers that folks create -- here's the directory, I'm a fan of the Flickr Mapplet.

I've been looking for a central place that I can trust to "store" my geo-related information. While I still like 43 Places, it's certainly not going to be the only place I put geo-related data. Can I use Google to just act as a giant store for all my geo-related data, and pull it out, remix it, display it elsewhere as needed?

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