Innovation in Vancouver funded by the BDC

Wasn't that a fun title? Not quite correct, of course -- but Jenny Yang who works at the Business Development Bank of Canada aka BDC did end up paying for beer at the Yaletown Brewery this afternoon. Thanks, Jenny! Other attendees were David Gratton, Michael Cole, and Sanja Khanna.

Now that I've got your attention, what am I talking about? Well, after Bryan and Stephanie Rieger of Yiibu left Vancouver (again!) to head back to Thailand, a bunch of people felt that the grassroots nature of Mobile Monday in Vancouver aka MoMoVan kind of went away. An email discussion about potentially organizing some more grass roots events in Vancouver led to this first meeting tonight.

I actually was filling in for Roland (off in Rotterdam), who's the real mobile evangelist around. As it turns out, the discussion turned to a much broader theme than just mobile. Maybe something like a DemoCamp -- regular presentations in Vancouver that bring together business, technical, academia, and content folks. Maybe this

DemoCamp Toronto is a great example, although I do think it is quite tech centric (I could be wrong). We've recently had BarCamp Vancouver (tech/entrepreneur/++), Case Camp (marketing) and Art Camp (content / media). What with great music and movie talent here in the city, plus excellent tech roots, this kind of cross disciplinary event might be just thing.

So...what's the stumbling block? When do we do the first event? Who do we invite? Well, much like the Innovation Commons, there is only so much time in the day when you're also running a business. And...what's the purpose of this thing? Is it "just another DemoCamp"? How do we attract cross disciplinary folks?

As a next step, the attendees decided on homework -- writing up a paragraph stating:

  • what you would want out of such an event or what would be your interest, and how you would describe what this event should be or do?
  • drivers and blockers: what drivers are there for doing such an event in Vancouver? are there any blockers?
  • what is your definition of success of such an event? (e.g. number of attendees, more companies started in Vancouver, etc.) 

Rather than just for the attendees at this meeting, I'm giving this homework to everyone. Put your answer on the DemoCampVancouver page or on your blog and add a link on that page.

Even better...someone interested in organizing this? Go for it! 

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