Wireless data in Canada is ridiculously expensive

Mentioning his on the road week at Les Blogs, Paolo Valdemarin reports that 3G access with his phone costs 0,75 eurocent/kb = 7,6 Euros per Mb.

I would happily pay that price, especially for the approximately 300kbps speed of 3G. How much does wireless cost in Canada? Well, only Fido/Rogers have GPRS, while Bell and Telus have the ridiculous 1X no SIM card lock in nonsense. If you don't have a data plan, GPRS costs $30 CDN / MB, or 30 cents/kb. So, uploading one picture from my 1.3MP cameraphone costs about $9. Ridiculous!

Luckily, I have a grandfathered Fido plan that lets me use unlimited data for $50 / month. I try and use it as much as possible to get my moneys worth. Darren earlier reported what happens when you try data without a plan.

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