BarCamp Amsterdam (or, oops, we did it again)

The Drupal community was in the process of organizing a meet up around O'Reilly's EuroOSCON event when we heard the bad news: since this is O'Reilly's first OSCON event in Europe, they had limited space and wouldn't have an exhibit hall, and hence wouldn't have room for booths from open source projects. KΓ‘roly Négyesi is giving a talk, but we would have no booth to man, making it hard to meet a lot of the interesting people that are going to be there.

We were somewhat dejected, but then we had An Idea: why not do our own event, and invite other open source projects to come along. Hmmm...what did this sound like? It sounds like BarCamp. So, please join us in helping to organize/attend/promote BarCamp Amsterdam*.

BarCamp Amsterdam

Messina, patron saint of BarCamps everywhere, has posted about this as well -- so we're off to the races!

* I wanted to call it HamsterCamp...after all, we've got a Moose Camp

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