Gmail supports "from"

Via Brad Feld, I found out that Gmail supports "from" addresses.

I switched over to using Gmail as the backend storage for my main emails several months ago. The big downside is that if you send through Google's SMTP server, it only lets you set the "from" as your Gmail account, regardless of your Reply-To setting. So, other people see that you're using a Gmail account.

The funny thing is, an @Yahoo or @Hotmail account from a supposed business person looks really unprofessional. That is, from people that have their own domain, but never got email set up there.

It kind of bothered me that I was exposing my use of Gmail, but Gmail itself has a certain caché to it -- it's a power user tool (well, until today -- anyone can sign up now).

Well, today Gmail is back to being a behind the scenes power. Making it that much more useful to me, much like Feedburner's feed hosting service that uses your own domain.

Side note: my current categories are for the most part starting to break down. I have a "search engine" category, which Google at one time was, but Gmail doesn't make as much sense in that context. This whole "tag" thing might catch on one of these days :P

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