Transcending Apple Hardware

I had a long post typed up on the day of the Apple-Intel announcement. Unfortunately, most of it got eaten.

I've thought about this sea change some more since then, and decided I don't care about Apple hardware: I've transcended it.

Translation: I love OS X. It's good enough, fast enough, and has enough apps for everything I need to do.

So, if Apple can keep building OS X and hide the hardware underneath, bring it in. And please build me a tablet :P

Update: Mr. Barrett is fine with Intel as well, and +1s my tablet:

Perhaps I'm selling the Vanderpool technology as a panacea, but I hold that it'd dramatically increase the Macintosh's role in the desktop market and open up avenues into other markets long closed to Apple. One might even speculate on how an Intel Celeron-based Mac tablet (perhaps with iPod and phone functionality) might come about.

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