Google Maps now has Keynote satellite imagery

So, Google Maps continues to blow my mind, or as Kellan says, to "make an already amazing service jaw dropping". Everyone else will be linking to it in one form or another, of course, but gives me a chance to post a picture of my neighbourhood:

Map of our house

I've said that I believe that this is the year of maps and calendars. Darren says it's the year of photo sharing for a wider segment of people, and he's right as well: I tend to think about what's new and different and done well for the first time. For photo sharing, we hit that peak last year with Flickr already.

In any case....maps and calendars, you heard it here first. Also gives me a chance to link to the newly relaunched GeoURL 2.0, complete with weblog.

I didn't know, but GeoURL was actually originally put together by Joshua Schachter, creator of (who has quit his job and is working on it full time).

I happen to think that tagging is not that difficult of an application. Granted, it is easy to say now with as an example. Meta-tags, yeah, that's the ticket...

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