Links of Interest: March 20, 2004

I don't do these very often, but I really do need to point a handful of things out before they age too much:

  • Todd Sieling's - Wiki critics: Todd, this was an awesome round-up post of everything it means to be wiki. Lots of great quotes, I probably like this one best: "A given technology won't work like it's supposed to unless it's used like it's supposed to be used!"
  • Gnomedex registration is open: it's in Seattle, and Julie is going to be there. But the big I get to play with the kids again if I go? Also on tap for afterwards: Bowen Island FamilyCon? We'll see on both counts...
  • Nokia Lifeblog: OK, it's installed on my new phone...but it doesn't seem to work. I set up the details for it to work with Flickr, but pictures never actually show up in the Lifeblog app. I haven't read any docs yet, but shouldn't this just work?
  • Kris Krug - Vancouver BeerCasting at Subeez on March 16, 2005: there are so many things I need to be saying about Kris. He's been "embedded" in our office for the last couple of weeks. He put on a BeerCast that I attended, and ended up talking about Reality TV (direct MP3 link). Kris is also doing interesting things with Event Blogging -- he did a fantastic job covering Northern Voice, and now he's experimenting with audio as well. Any event you need photographed, blogged, or recorded, Kris is your guy. Actually, I just talked to Shayne at Coastal Trek about having Kris do photography work. I probably have more reasons to throw props Kris' way, but just want to say: been great having you around so far.

I don't think I need to say anything about Flickr being acquired by Yahoo. I'll say something including more Y!s over on the company blog.

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