VoIP and Social Software

The Social Software Weblog asks: "Will Skype partner with a social networking service?". This in connection with Voiceglo's Friendster hookup.

Aaaah! NO! Skype is already a piece of social software. Why tie yourself to one system? Do this the right way -- add FOAFnet support from day one, export people's buddylists, and you might just win the whole the online presence thing as well as VoIP.

Here we go -- I just added a "Skype" entry to the profile info on Bryght's test site. Check out user registration. See? A Skype field. I'll get Marc to add it to FOAFnet later.

(and I get to grumble again about how I hate how FOAF handles arbitrary IM/messaging entries -- it should be <foaf:im service="skype">borismann</foaf:im>, dammit!)

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