Vonage.ca - Trying another Canadian VoIP Option

I'm filling out the Vonage contact page to ask about switching my phone number to them. The contact page is pretty smart -- it asks you to select your General Topic (Sales) then displays some specific questions (I want to transfer my phone number) and then gives me a textarea to put in more info. We'll see what Vonage says when they find out it is a Talkbroadband number. Do LNP rules apply? I'm about to find out…

Kate is now using my T616, so we can ditch Primus Talkbroadband. That is, my use of VoIP will be primarily for experimentation and research. I'll talk more about my recent experiences with Talkbroadband soon (here's the short form: the service got really bad).

The big thing I'm looking forward to is voicemail-via-email and a softphone (yeah, I think that one is my only choice I think).

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