X-Ten Interface is Terrible

Vonage is likely to release the final version of its softphone for OS-X next week. I have been using a beta version of the X-Ten Pro software which apparently has been customized for Vonage by X-Ten Networks. If the customized version is anything like the one I have been using, Mac users are going to love it. Om Malik's VoIP Daily: Vonage OS-X client next week?

Somehow, I doubt Mac users are going to love it. Maybe on Windows users are accustomed to this type of interface, but…

X-Ten is a great company -- leading VoIP softphone, commitment to open standards, and they're even a good, local Vancouver company. But their interface is terrible. The interface isn't native on any platform that I've seen it on, the preference screens are hidden in the same terrible "we're trying to make it look like a phone" graphics, and it's gigantic!

Please, hire some interface designers and re-do the entire interface. Think clean, minimalist, and platform native. Heck, it's a voice application -- all I really need is a taskbar icon.

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