PulpFiction, new aggregator for OS X

I'm a big fan of "if you don't like it, do something better." I believe that PulpFiction is that "something better." It's better for me, anyway, and it may be better for you. Yes, PulpFiction is an aggregator of XML feeds. Its top ten features, in my mind, are as follows. NSLog(): PulpFiction

Well, well, well. Lloyd pointed me towards this, and it sure is interesting.

A new RSS aggregator for OS X that is meant to be Mail-like: lots of search features and built in Apple interface goodness.

A web browser built in, customizable filters that allow you to sort posts, and advanced search and tagging features.

I think, long term, that RSS aggregation will be something that gets built into browsers. For now, the community that uses aggregators is small and doesn't overlap with those that primarily use browsers to look at the web.

PulpFiction is something I will definitely be keeping my eye on for May 1st.

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