Blogger meeting in Seattle on Wednesday night

I'll try to get to the Blogger Meetup in Seattle on Wednesday evening. Things I like about this meetup is 1) Anita Rowland is there (I think of it as Anita's meetup) 2) Everyone is welcome. 3) It's in a low-cost venue so no one needs to dig deep in their pockets. 4) There's always a good geek quotient (and lots of people I've never met before, I like meeting new people). 5) You don't need to be a geek to come and there usually are non-geeks there as well, so my wife has more fun too 6) Usually there are people there who don't blog, either. It's lots of fun, something for everyone.

The Scobleizer: Blogger meeting in Seattle on Wednesday night

Ain't going to make it to this one. The Vancouver weblog meetup is cancelled -- going to do some promotion ahead of the next one. It seems like doesn't get used as much here in Canada. I've been trying to switch all my subscriptions to Vancouver from Ottawa, and the new "pay us money now!" links that are everywhere really annoy me, to the point where I'm ready to give up.

In any case, I'm going to keep my eye on the Seattle stuff, and make a trip down there at some point, hopefully with some of the Urban crew in tow. It's only about 2-3hrs.

Mmm...this is taken, albeit with a big Flash movie that doesn't load in Safari.

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