urlgreyhot: It's time to start using a wiki for my personal knowledge management

I started typing a long response to urlgreyhot's It's time to start using a wiki for my personal knowledge management , and then realized I needed to capture it here, since it is a kind of rationalization for myself of the different technologies I've been using. And he doesn't have trackback turned on, so I can't post here but still let him know.

I found myself involved in a bunch of different projects, all of which I had to start gathering knowledge for. The problems are somewhat the same – the structure of Drupal makes it a bit harder for ad-hoc information gathering. On to my solution… I already run a couple of WordPress blogs, so I ended up setting one up to use for a links blog. The best thing I find about it is the bookmarklet, where I can highlight some text on any page, then just hit a link in my toolbar, check off a few categories, and boom! – a new entry. And, I can still syndicate the links blog back onto my main page using RSS.

I actually think that adding bookmarklet support to Drupal's weblinks module would probably be enough for me. I'm in the process of splitting my personal and business blogs completely, and will likely implement this for the business one.

However, lots of other people have also reported success with using an external service like Furl or del.icio.us/ (again using RSS to syndicate back).

That was a long way of saying that you may find yourself addicted to Drupal – I know I am!

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