Radio doesn't get it

Caterina's post about no TV made me think about my radio experience again.

We have a shower radio in the bathroom that is tuned to CISL 650, a "Golden Oldies" station. And it's AM, of course.

When I was showering the other day, an ad came on from Burger King. It started off by the child's rhyme that counts the days in each month (30 days hath such-and-such…I don't actually know the rhyme!) and ends up with the odd one out, February. So the ad says, "29 cold and terrible days" and mentions how a stop in to Burger King will warm you right up.

Except, of course, that in Vancouver it's 10 - 15°C and sunny and beautiful. So it just makes me think that Burger King doesn't know what it's talking about, and certainly that the ad doesn't apply to me in any way.

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