Sunshine Coast Accommodations

I got a call at my parents' place yesterday from Sunshine Coast Accommodations. It's a website put together by SunTech Consulting to help book bed and breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast.

The call was actually to Seven Hills Bed and Breakfast, which is what my parents run. The site is up, but it's not quite done yet -- still have to do the graphical makeover and tweak a few things.

I admit I kind of overwhelmed the woman that was on the phone: "What CMS do you use to run your website?" "What's your Google ranking?" etc. etc.

I'm going to be speaking with the technical guys, since I have some tips on how to make their site better. And actually get some Google rankings, because right now searches for both "sunshine coast accommodations" and "sunshine coast bed and breakfast" don't have them ranking anywhere in the top 10. Not good. If I do do some consulting, I might consider a trade for placements for my parents' B&B.

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