Site re-design

Well, not really a complete re-design. Just moving things around a bit, plus turning into a 3-column style. With tables, no less :shocked:

If you go into your user account, you can switch to the "xtemplate" theme to see what I'm working on. I'm currently losing my mind over some weird stuff where lists aren't displaying properly, but I can't actually tell if it's caching somewhere or what.

Update:Yup, it's a caching issue. I've been using my Linux box for routing, since it seems my router has died. It still functions as a switch, but routing functions…borked.

[image:633,left,5,5]So here's a preview of what things are going to look like. Right now, too many dotted lines. I didn't want to have a lots of little boxes feel, don't know if this achieves it. I think I'm going to ditch dotted lines around blockquotes – the indenting and italicizing are probably already enough. Or perhaps not italicize, just use a different font?

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