Vonage Digital Voice Phone Service

Wow. VoIP. Five years ago, I first dug into the deep and dirty world of "voice over IP". I thought it might take off really soon. I'm still waiting. So, this short review of Vonage's service looked interesting.

Vonage is attempting to bring a new value to the phone network -- with their service you can check your voice mail from the web and also have very accurate phone accounting of your last few phone calls and exactly how long they lasted.

They use a Cisco ATA 186, which doesn't seem very interesting – Ethernet on one-side, analog on the other. What is interesting, that searches for the ATA 186 return "end of life" announcements as the best results.

What is this Vonage company? Can we get it in Canada? Hey, if you get broadband through something other than your phone line, you could ditch the phone company all together. Unfortunately, no Canadian service. Hey Nortel people – it is rather disturbing that when typing in canada voip into Google, the top hit is Cisco…

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